Bulking & Shredding



M.O.M Workout

Minutes. On. Me
Being a Woman in the age of plastic surgery and “quick-fixes” can sometimes be difficult. Now, add on being a mother. The days typically blend and are always seemingly just too busy. Where is there time to invest in ourselves? Weight shifts and before you know it, the mirror tells the story of a person that now needs the time to be made. With this in mind, we created the M.O.M. workouts. M.O.M. broken down as an acronym is “Minutes. On. Me” as it is imperative that 30-45 minutes is spent on those that matter the most. No matter if you are a beginner or possess intermediate/advanced knowledge of the fitness world, this weekly workout plan offers structure and the essential zones to achieve the body that you are seeking. Equipment is minimal. Your time is based upon what you decide. This quick and easy set of workouts is the answer to the question of “What do I do?” Grab your friends and get started!!!

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12 Weeks of Shred

Within the next 12 weeks you will unlock the ultimate guide in getting a toned, leaner and shredded physique. In all our programs, weeks 1-4 will help you get started in living a fitter lifestyle. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned vet in the gym, this program will push you and help you to achieve your goal(s). Admittedly, you will sometimes be pushed harder than you are used to, ALWAYS remember the reason you started and never give up. You should be your biggest fan as each step towards your goal is progress!!! Getting to your fitness goals are never easy but when it comes to something that can change your life for the better, it should require a bit of work. A great way to help you push through the tough times and days could be to begin logging your fitness journey. Set yourself weekly and monthly goals!! Once you start to achieve those goals, you will gain a greater sense of motivation that may be needed in order to push through the tough times in the gym and also the times when you just do not feel like working out. Neither weekly nor monthly goals need to be complicated or unreasonable. It can be as simple as losing at least 1lb a week or taking a photo on the first and last days of the month to compare your progress. Shine through this and get others in on your journey. While setting your weekly and monthly goals, remember in order to unleash your full potential it all starts with your diet. Along with great training programs, Fitter Freedom also offers thorough nutrition plans and supplement guides to increase your chances of getting rid of all unwanted body fat that may have been` acquired over the years.

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12 Weeks of Bulking

When it comes to gaining muscle and mass, this program can help you do just that!! Whether you want to gain a few pounds of muscle and mass, or just become a sidewalk-cracking machine, this program will give you all the necessary tools. Although there may be days that bring on challenges, always remember when you are unleashing your inner beast that you need to be pushed past your limits. The best way to achieve gains is to create new thresholds and levels. That is why workouts will be altered and changed on a monthly basis in order to keep you from hitting a wall during your journey. There are two areas of bulking. Beyond merely pushing yourself you will also need to understand your necessary caloric intake and nutrients that are imperative for your body. Eating for weight gain can be difficult as the weight can become unwanted. Gaining the weight can be easy but transferring that weight into your goals of body muscle and an increase in mass can be difficult to achieve. With this in mind, we not only offer this great bulking program but can provide an additional personalized meal plan to help you understand your blueprint in the areas of the number of calories, micros, and macros needed each day.

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